This is the third page in a series of “All About Crabs”.

OK .. so you have found a spot. Had a drink after your healthy walk, had a look around and looked in the other peoples buckets….. well …… that’s one way of finding out if there’s something to catch.

Which brings us to the time of year you should be standing here at the end of a very long jetty trying to catch crabs!
Are there other people here with you? If not… it’s probably a bad sign.
Warmer months are best for crabs. One of the old fish tales says that crabs can be caught in any month that has a R in it. At other times you can try for squid, or fish of all the local varieties. It’s even been known for LARGE snapper to be caught here.

But on with the crabs…..
The idea is to tie some of the bait you have brought along into the centre of the net. It has to be in the centre or else if a BIG crab comes along, it might be able to sit outside the ring and just reach inside and eat the free meal you have provided.

Now…… most important! Tie the end of your net rope to something, preferable NOT onto your light weight chair. You don’t want the whole lot going over the side.

Lower your net over the side and let out enough rope so it goes to the bottom, plus a bit if the tide is running.
Now wait…… exactly how long depends on how many crabs are about …. and how hungry they are. You want to leave it in long enough to catch one, or maybe even two or three in the one pull, but not in long enough that they will eat your bait and scurry off.

Now how to catch the crab …..

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