Want a feed of one of the best seafoods around? Grab a net, bait it up and chuck it in the water.

Ok.. here´s the ¨how to¨ … All tackle shops and most service stations throughout the Spencer Gulf area will have crab nets for sale. They are a simple steel ring about 600mm across with mesh. Some designs have two rings to help stop the crabs getting out before you manage to get them into your bucket (more on this later).

While you are there, get some bait. There is a local fish in plague proportions during summer months that are politely called Trumpeters. Get 2 or three per net you are going to use, plus some spares in case you nod off during net pulls.

So.. get your stuff …

  • Nets
  • Bait
  • Crab measurer
  • Bucket
  • Something to drink
  • Hat
  • Light weight collapsible stool
  • Tide chart

and head off to end of the jetty…….