You really need to approach the jetty as a part of the experience. OK… it’s a bit of a walk, but a great way to enjoy the day, the view and the history.

The magnificent Flinders Ranges to the east are a great back drop. Weroona Island to the south, and on a clear day, Whyalla to the west. Think about the many sailors that must have walked your same steps a hundred years before and how busy it must have been with the sailing ships loading their cargo.

Watch where you are walking and don’t trip on a slightly lifted sleeper. And not to get too close to the edge, lest one be swept over by a gust of wind. But think of the catch that may be before you, the excitement builds as you get closer to the spot.

So, when you near the end, choose a place to try. If there is a breeze blowing, pick the side so you can throw your net “with the wind”. On to setting your net …..

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