In Port Germein

What to DO!

There is no hustle and bustle here. Stay at the caravan park, look at the ranges, watch the tide go in and out. Walk the jetty or catch a feed of crabs. Just relax.


Walk the Jetty

The Jetty has been repaired and reopened after it was damaged by a storm in May 2016.

The jetty was officially opened in 1881 and had an extension added in 1883. Total length was 1676 metres / 5,500ft. Storms damaged the jetty over a number of years and the length has been reduced to about 1500 metres.

Bags of grain were loaded onto sailing ships and destined for ports all over the world.The jetty is now a great venue for tourists and locals alike.

Late September 2016 - another storm damaged the Jetty only this time far more serious.But the bright side is that the Goverenment have pledged to repair the Jetty. Work is due to commence in January 2017 and take approximately 3 months